dir-talinio.gifMILAGROS T. TALINIO

Dirtector III
Office of Planning Service

Driven, thorough, can easily shift from micro to macro and with an eye for detail-traits that make Milagros T. Talinio an achiever that she is. These are the same qualities that she needs as the new Director of the Office of Planning Service (OPS). It make sense. Who is better to head the OPS than its former officer-in-charge?

Talinio, 46, is a Certified Public Accountant and a product of the Adamson University. She pursued here Master in Public Management at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) as a Civil Service Scholar after passing a rigid selection process. Note that is the only one from DepED Central Office who has satisfied the three-level selection criteria employed by DAP.

Director Talinio has kept a low profile but has delivered in not a few of the most demanding jobs in DepED: to take charge in the Department's Annual Budget Preparation and defense in tamdem with Finance and Management Service Budget Division Chief, Armando Ruiz; the Department's Rationalization Plan; a Procurement Officer of the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat (IMCS); and head of then DECS Pre/Post Qualification, Bids and Awards Committee - Technical Secretariat.

She rose from the ranks - first joined the government service in 1978 as steno-typist of EDPITAF while a working high school student at the Philippine College of Commerce (PCC) now Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), became Project Assistant, Planning Analyst and a Project Officer in 1983. She was subsequently appointed Project Development Officer II and III and then became the Senior Education Program Specialist in the OPS - Project Development and Evaluation Division before her promotion as Project Development Officer V at IMCS in 1999. Prior to her designation as Director, she was designated Officer-in-Charge of the OPS - Planning and Programming Division in 2002.

Especially popular about Ma'am Mila (or simply, Mila) is her fondness for singing and playing volleyball during sports competitions in one hand, and her hands on management style on the other. Gone is the traditional distance between top level executives and staff. She has shown flexibility and teamwork with her staff and co-workers at DepED. Thus far, she seems to be the only Director who almost everybody in the DepED can relate to without hesitation - from Security Guards and Janitors to Clerks and Division Chiefs, to the Secretary and all of her Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries.

Director Talinio vowed to continue doing her job in DepED: "Basta ako, trabaho kung trabaho... laro kung laro."

Very well said, Ma'am Mila. you are truly a leader and a worker.