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Research and Statistics Division (RSD)
a. Research Unit
b. Statistics Unit
c. Database Management Unit


BEIS School Statistics Module - Government Elementary School Profile SY 2008-2009.
  • Government Elementary School Profile BEIS-SSM-ES-System

Table H, I and J worksheets was programmed not to appear if the Type of School is "Regular School".

Some portion of the system is being re-coded specially on the SPED data entry which contains problem that
prevent encoding to proceed or continue. It is advised to encode first the Regular schools. Division and Regional
offices will be informed if the revision were completed. The old previous system (which includes database) will be
to be recalled to OPS-RSD-Dbmu for uploading and the revised system will be sent back to concerned offices.

  • Output Generation for Tables H, I and J (SPED), will be uploaded once the encoding SSM-ES is completed and
submitted to the Central Office.

BEIS School Statistics Module - Private School Profile (BEIS-SSM-PSP) SY 2008-2009.
  • Ready for distribution to regional and divisional offices.
  • Contact us details

Functions of Research and Statistics Division
  • Assists in the formulation of policy, plan and budgetary proposals by providing educational statistics and information;
  • Generates, compiles, analyzes and interprets basic education data related to or required in the assessment of the performance of the school system and in the allocation of basic resources;
  • Prepares statistical projections and forecasts;
  • Prepares the allocation of new teaching and non-teaching positions and monitors their actual deployment;
  • Establishes standard patterns and procedures for the operationalization and enhancement of the Basic Education Information System (BEIS);
  • Provides technical assistance to all regional and divisional planning units relative to the operationalization of the BEIS;
  • Provides basic education statistics to other government agencies, NGOs, local and international organizations, public and private institutions and the general public; and
  • Performs other functions as may be assigned by management.